Axel Baron, training rider.

Axel obtained a BTS animal production in Yvetot. He spent his first year of apprenticeship in a breeding trotters, as a groom-healer, he then did the breakup for the trainer, Frédéric Ouvry (76).

He then looks for his first job, spends a month in CSO, and then wants to return to the races!

He was younger jumper CSO in recreation.

He goes on a contract with a coach, in gallop , and then arrived at the Louis BAUDRON stable in November 2015, as a training rider.

A typical day !

In the morning: Feed the horses, clean the boxes, give ride 5 to 6 horses, Paddocking horses

In the afternoon: repack the boxes, return the horses that were in the paddock, feed the horses, do care Groceries

Axel also takes the horses to the races, he prepares them, makes them recover, the shower etc …

His « favorite horse »

FASTIDIOUS, « a year that I ride him, he is very pleasant to ride, he runs very well ! »


A memory…

« About a year ago, when Love Spirit and Cobra de Larré, won a Listed at very few intervals! » Two horses that Axel took care of !


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